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Pedigree of : CH Sonsie's Shivas Regal of Mistekatz
Sex M Reg No.
D/O/B Breed Persian
Owner Brenda & Donna Shaffer Breeder
Colour Red Call Name Reggie
GC Wattkatz Duke-Of-Earl of Ladar
GC Tehy Avanti Of Wattkatz
GC Bolo's Tumbleweed Of Tehy
1140-847013 Red Tabby & White
Softmagic Big John Of Bolo DM
1110-738639 Red-white
GC Marsamis The Wizard Of Lil'miracles 0106-378085
Katrina's Scarlet Of Softmagic 0191-446228
GC Bolo's Fruit O' The Loom
0147-551965 Tortoiseshell
CH Marhei's Alex Of Heartbeat 0140-446625
GC Marhei's Josephine Of Bolo 0147-485067
Tehy Whitney Huston
GC Bolo's Rumor Hasit Of Tehy
GC Bolo's Eye's N.f.s. Of Caliope 0140-714269
CH Bolo's Tinkerbelle 0147-660296
GC Tehy Hot 'n Spicey
GC Bolo's Magic Moment Of Tehy 0110-574842
Pompadour Witches Honor Of Tehy
Wattkatz Charmin
GC Equinox Spotless Of Wattkatz
1306-936568 Blue-white Van
GC,NW Equinox Enigma Av Elains
1180-711401 Blue-white Van
GC,RW Equinox Moody Blues 1106-545215
GC Anz All The Trimmings Of Equinox 1107-605186
Anz Nicoalette Of Equinox
1109-818614 Black-white
GC Anz Nicholas Nickleby DM 0190-373402
CH GP Anz If You Knew Susie DM 0191-391874
GC Witchesheaven Circe Of Wattkatz
Persiapalace Rumplestilskin
CH Brikendon Dancing In The Dark 1108-562358
Brilee Holly Berry Of Persia Palace 0111-725584
Treetop Morgana
CH Abolengo Cowboy 0102-365110
Kitty Charm Victorious Victoria 1109-466531
CH Sonsie's Scarlet O'Dara
0111-1067769 Red
CH Pageantry Pride of Sonsie
0114-921758 Cream
GC Skyhy Limited Edition Of Lacelegacy
0114-493778 Cream
GC Skyhy Gimme-a-break
0108-218210 Black
GC Skyhy Gimme-a-break 0108-218210
GC Meadowlark Autumn Leaves Of Skyhy 0147-402533
GC Meadowlark Autumn Leaves Of Skyhy
0147-402533 Tortoiseshell
Thesaurus T-jo Of Meadowlark 0108-265087
Meadowlark Petite Fleur 0151-209762
GC Lacelegacy Morgan
0147-686239 Tortoiseshell
CH Bardee Matinee Idol Of Pamel
0114-372687 Cream
Lelabelle Copyright Of Bardee 0114-137952
Agonistes Ann Marie Of Bardee 0115-221707
Toshika Gotcha Of Lacelegacy
0109-442781 Black
GC Casimar's Gallaghar Of Toshika 0108-267343
GC Ziegfeld Glitter Of Toshika 0147-331608
CH Ladar Irish Rose of Sonsie
0111-851572 Red
PR Pajean Louisianna Gambler Of Ladar
1110-685076 Red & White
GC Pajean Tuxedo Of Honeychild
0190-447353 Black-white
GC Chilco Rikki Tikki Of Pajean 0108-368506
CH Waymar Mystery Lady 0191-348994
CH Fratsy Undercover Angel Of Pajean
0149-489438 Calico
GC Rambo Strike Up The Band 0190-272352
Fratsy's Say You Say Me 0149-312445
Colesco Star Brite Of Ladar DM
0147-759349 Tortie
GRC GRP NW South Paw Bless My Stars Of Colesco
0140-622734 Red Tabby
GC NW South Paw Wish Upon A Star DM 0102-345118
South Paw Yorkshire Pudding 0147-324856
Rambo Second Chance
0147-613894 Tortoiseshell
Rambo Passing In Review 0108-426466
CH Rambo Lady In Red 0111-426467


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